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Appointments FAQ

How do I choose which specialist to book?

We have a variety of clinicians to select from, with each highlighting their key strengths in their profile. You can also contact us at and we can give you further guidance depending on the treatment you require.

Can I book appointments immediately?

Providing there is availability on your clinician's calendar then you should be able to book at least 12 hours in advance. Please note our cancellation policy is 48 hours therefore in this situation you won't be entitled to a refund unless the clinician cancels the appointment.

Can I change or amend an appointment?

We require 48 hours to amend, change or cancel an appointment.

How long are the consultations?

A session is usually 30 mins however we have an additional 10 mins as a buffer to ensure you get the most of your session.

There is a bad connection and we are unable to connect?

We understand that some times situations like this can occur or the clinician is not able to connect, should this happen please contact us immediately and we might arrange a phone call. Please ensure you update your contact number on your profile.

Are the clinicians and the specialist team governed by any regulatory body?

All our clinicians are registered with the following governing bodies, General Medical Council (GMC), British Psychological Society, The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies, The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and The Nursing Medical Council (NMC). 

Consultation FAQ

How do I know the clinicians would be able to treat my condition?

Our clinicians are experts in their field with many years working in the national health service based in the UK. You should be able to access their profile to see what level of treatment they cover and their specialty.

I wish to book a consultation for my son or daughter, how does this work?

We are able to see and provide treatment for children or vulnerable adults including the elderly, however we would need consent and in most cases request for an adult to accompany them in the consultation.

Do you only have mental health services?

We also have an acute service which includes GP's, nurses and pharmacist. All physical health appointments should be with the GP/doctor, however, the GP may later refer you to a nurse, pharmacist, dietician or a specialist. Just ensure you select our acute section when making an appointment. 

What do you treat?

We treat mental health-related conditions with our specialist team as well as general health with our acute services.

Regarding your GP services what if I require further tests or a physical examination?

Should there be a requirement for some sample tests we would refer you to a specialist testing site to collect the necessary information we need for your treatment. We would also require at times for you to make certain movements or request sample pictures of your condition. Sample tests are conducted privately and are independent of Mind Doctors. Our clinicians would advise during the time of the consultation.

Do you have emergency services?

Mind Doctors is a primary care virtual consultation service only. Should you require emergency services then please contact 111 or visit the hospital immediately. Our services are not designed for emergency use or as a replacement.

Do you prescribe medication?

Our clinicians are able to prescribe medication if required however all medications would be purchased privately. 


Technical & General FAQ

What do I need for my video consultation?

You will need a computer, laptop or mobile with a front-facing camera and an internet connection. You will also need to download the Zoom Video app and we will send you an invite during your time of booking.

How do I change my personal or payment details?

Once you register you will automatically become a member and will have your own account. You can update your details directly.

How are the consultations conducted?

We do both video or telephone consultations. For video consultations we use Zoom, therefore you would need to download the Zoom application on your mobile or laptop device and we will send you an email link at the time of your booking. Should you struggle with Zoom then we can do a telephone call instead.

Is my consultations recorded?

Only the clinician booked would be able to record your consultation and no one else would have access to this recording. The reason we record is for both yours and the clinician protection should a compliant be raised.

Is my data secure?

The only individual who will have access to your data will be the clinicians and our system manager. This is so that they can give you the best possible care. We don't share anything with anyone else unless it's for your own safety or directly with your GP if required.

My questions have not been covered here?

Please contact should you have any further queries, the team will be happy to help.

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